OC-TS Series

Transparency And Flexible Solution


The first 3.5mm ultra-thin module makes the LED transparent screen enter the era of random alienation. Cylindrical, round table, curved, S-shaped… more creative design.

Then for our OC-TS series, you can achieve all these shapes with plenty of structure designs and frames which can provide you to satisfy your aesthetic demand and theme style for most kinds of business environments.

Then, it has no influence not only on the transparency of the products, but also on its easy maintenance.

Key Features

  • Ultra-light & ultra-thin:  7.6kg/㎡and 21mm for the screen;
  • Modular design: facilitating overall assembling; controlling the weight and the screen flatness, quick leasing or fixture;
  • Customized appearance: The screen color can be customized according to customer’s requirements;
  • High brightness and low energy: Creatively using the SMT method to design the circuit bar. The brightness is from 4000 to 4500nits. The lowest power is 240W/sqm;
  • Compatible formats: wide options for images and videos such as JPG, PNG, MOV, WMV, MP4, etc;
  • Remote control: Using the control software to control all the networks remotely and also monitor and update the display content to keep the advertisement update in real time.


  • Retail: The transparent display can be used in retail spaces to showcase products in a stunning and interactive way, providing customers with an immersive experience;
  • Hospitality: The display can be used in hotels, restaurants, and bars, creating an ambience that is both inviting and engaging. It can be used to blend in with the surrounding environment, creating a cohesive and visually stunning space;
  • Events: The display can be used at events such as conferences, trade shows, and exhibitions, providing an impressive platform for showcasing products, services, or ideas. The flexibility of the display means that it can be shaped and molded to suit any space or venue;
  • Museums and Galleries: The display can be used in museums and galleries, creating an immersive experience for visitors. The transparent nature of the display means that it can be used to showcase artwork in a way that is both visually stunning and interactive;
  • Architecture: The display can be used in architecture and building design, providing an innovative way to incorporate technology into the built environment. The transparent nature of the display means that it can be used to create striking visual effects on the facade of buildings, transforming them into works of art.


No. Item Type Type
1 Model OC-TS-P3.9×7.82 OC-TS-P2.6×5.22
2 Pixel pitch 3.91×7.82mm 2.604×5.208mm
3 Pixel density 32 768 pixels/sq.m 73 728 pixels/sq.m
4 Led configuration 1R1G1B 1R1G1B
5 Module resolution 128×16 pixels 192×24 pixels
6 Module size 500x125mm 500x125mm
7 Panel resolution 256x64pixels 384x96pixels
8 Panel size 1000x500mm 1000x500mm
9 Transparency 70% 40%
10 Panel weight less than 8KG less than 8KG
11 Brightness 4000-4500nits 4000-4500nits
12 Max power consumption 800W/sq.m 800W/sq.m
13 Ave power  consumption 240W/sq.m 240W/sq.m
14 Viewing angle 160°;160° 160°;160°
15 Power supply 220VAC+-10%; AC50Hz 220VAC+-10%; AC50Hz
16 Working temperature -40°C to 45°C -40°C to 45°C
17 Refresh rate more than 1920Hz more than 1920Hz
18 Protection level IP22 IP22
19 Scan mode 1/8 scan 1/16 scan
20 Lifespan(Half brightness) 100000hrs 100000hrs

Product Images