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Understanding LED Displays

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At Ocolour Technologies, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality LED display solutions that provide exceptional visual performance and reliability. we customize a range of LED display solutions designed to meet the needs of a variety of applications, including outdoor mini LED displays, indoor micro LED screens, innovative LED panels, and creative LED video wall displays.

Experience the power of our LED displays today, and see how they can transform your space and elevate your visual displays to the next level.

1mx1m outdoor led displays have convenient and fast installation method, not only for permanent installation but also for rental use.

With its special 1ft*1ft module designing, the Ocolour OC-FT series has been popular among British and American countries.

ImageHub series visually supports the most demanding use models for control rooms, boardroom presentations, or media-heavy applications and offer always-on, high performance, high resolution display experiences with the finest pixel pitches from 0.78 to 2.5 millimetres.

The creative display with its Eye-pleasing exterior design and the unique business environment becomes the first choice to catch eyes.

Products Series

Outdoor commercial display

The water-proofing & heat dissipation technology, anti-UV housing design and the quick release mode, our outdoor mini LED displays are built to last and perform even in the harshest of weather conditions. Ideal for outdoor advertising, sports venues, and more, our outdoor mini LED displays are durable, rugged, and deliver exceptional visual performance.


Indoor commercial display

Experience stunning image quality and vibrant colors with our indoor fine pixel pitch screens. This state-of-the-art screen is designed to meet the needs of businesses and organizations that demand only the best. Its sleek and modern design is perfect for use in headquarters, hospitality, entertainment, control room environments. and other high-end venues.


Transparent led display

Our transparent LED displays allow for stunning visual displays while providing transparency and versatility in design, making them ideal for storefronts, stage backdrops, and more. With a high degree of transparency and vivid colors, our transparent LED displays are the perfect solution for those seeking a sleek and modern display.


Stage & event display

Stage and event displays offer exceptional design flexibility and creative possibilities, making them perfect for stage design, creative displays, and more. They are customizable and easy to install, making them the go-to choice for designers and event planners. With high brightness and excellent image quality, our stage and event LED displays can elevate any event and captivate your audience.

Creative display

Creative display offers a more engaging and innovative way to advertise the business and attract people. This category contains variety of shapes including cube, cylinder, circle, sphere, letters, poster and more. Our creative LED video wall displays are perfect for events, trade show exhibits, and other applications where visual impact is key. We offer a range of customizable designs that can elevate your visual displays to the next level and captivate your audience.