OC-CB Series

Cute Cube Display Makes Big Effects


The innovative design of our OC-CB displays takes inspiration from the classic Rubik’s cube, but with a modern twist. This display can be assembled into various shapes, including three-sided, four-sided, and even five-sided configurations. Its modular design allows for customization and flexibility, as it can be formed into a square or joined together to create an irregular polyhedron.

Key Features

  • Plug & Play;
  • Easy setup and transport;
  • Crystal-clear detail: high-quality resolution;
  • Versatile Mounting Options: fitting any space, hanging from the ceiling, standing alone, or side-mounted;
  • User-friendly system: editing contents from the mobile app, quantities of video templates available;
  • Multiple Configurations: Choose from three-sided, four-sided, or five-sided configurations to perfectly suit your needs, providing a 360-degree viewing experience and engaging visual display for your audience.


  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions: OC-CB series can be used to showcase products, services, or other information in a unique and attention-grabbing way;
  • Concerts and Performances: OC-CB series can be used to create visually stunning backdrops for concerts, performances, and other events;
  • Sports Venues: OC-CB series can be used to display scores, player stats, and other information during sporting events;
  • Corporate Events: OC-CB series can be used to display branding, messaging, and other information at corporate events such as conferences, product launches, and more.

Don’t settle for a boring, flat LED display. Choose the Rubik’s Cube LED display and elevate your brand to new heights! With its unique shape, high-quality resolution, and user-friendly design, it is perfect for a wide range of indoor and outdoor events.


Item Product Name Sides qnt single side definition single side size(mm) weight(KG) Volume(CBM)
indoor P2.5 led cube 5 128x128P 320×320 13 0.033
4 128x128P 320×320 12 0.033
5 192x192P 480×480 18 0.11
4 192x192P 480×480 16 0.11
P3.0 led cube 5 128x128P 384×384 17 0.057
4 128x128P 384×384 16 0.057
5 192x192P 576×576 23 0.19
4 192x192P 576×576 21 0.19
P4.0 led cube 5 128x128P 512×512 22 0.14
4 128x128P 512×512 22 0.14
Outdoor P2.5 led cube 4 128x128P 320×320 17 0.033
4 192x192P 480×480 22 0.11
P3.0 led cube 4 128x128P 384×384 20 0.057
4 192x192P 576×576 30 0.19
P3.9 led cube 4 128x128P 500×500 25 0.125
P4.8 led cube 4 104x104P 500×500 25 0.125

Product Images