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Outdoor Commercial Display

The water-proofing & heat dissipation technology, anti-UV housing design and the quick release mode, our outdoor mini LED displays are built to last and perform even in the harshest of weather conditions.

OC-FT, OC-MM, OC-GR series are endowed with its customized size of module and are ideal for creating unique shapes and designs. OC-FT series, with the help of cabinet structure, can make up a column with round coners. OC-MM series named by its own feature with 1m*1m cabinet. OC-GR series is well known by its unique design based on the Golden Ratio.

OC-MT series can be mounted on the roof of cars and on the windows, make the advertising move and enlarge the target audience members invisibly.

Our Products For Outdoor Commercial Display

OC-FT Series

OC-FT series product is a reliable choice in the led display market, thanks to its anti-ultraviolet mask, waterproof design, and excellent IC drivers and control system. In line with the measurement of English-speaking countries, the 1x1ft module design is compact and versatile. It’s ideal for creating unique shapes and designs.


OC-MM Series

OC-MM series products are developed on the basis of 1x1m aluminum profile cabinets. It is characterized by light weight, anti-ultraviolet, waterproof, and RGB three-color full-color LED lamps. This series of products is the latest attempt of integrated design.

OC-GR Series

The OC-GR series products are based on the 300×168.75mm module, and the module has a golden ratio of 16:9. Multiple modules can still form a 16:9 golden ratio. This series is outdoor minimum pitch LED display.

OC-MT Series

Perfect solution for businesses and individuals looking to make a statement on the go. Our LED displays can be mounted on the roof of cars and on the windows, providing a high-impact advertising solution that is impossible to miss.