OC-CY Series

Cute Cube Display Makes Big Effects


OC-CY comes from a totally different module–flexible module. By this new technology we can assemble curved screen with natural curve. And of course you can get the same viewing experience from 360-degree panoramic view. And you can decorate those pillar in a palace without any damage to itself.

Key Features

  • Waterproof: we provide waterproof cabinet and module if you want;
  • Customizable, although it is called OC-CY, you can choose the shape you want.
  • Different pixel pitch can be choose 1.25/1.579/1.667/1.875/2;
  • High-resolution of 3840HZ;
  • Lightweight: each of them weights only 0.2kg.


  • To OC-CY there is a nature advantage in advertising for drinks like coke, wine or liquor. As their appearance is almost the same witha cylinder. No one can refuse a glass of coke when they see a huge bottle of coke standing in front of them.
  • Decorate the building in rounded rectangle. As a saying goes, golden corner, silver side and iron internal. An advertisement in the corner of a building match more than 10 in the side. The OC-CY can show an intact picture effect in the golden corner.
  • Of course, flexible module can be used in are installations to create unique and interactive art installations.
  • Corporate Events: OC-CB series can be used to display branding, messaging, and other information at corporate events such as conferences, product launches, and more.

There is almost unlimited possibility in flexible module. We are here waiting for those who want to excavate  it.


Physical parameter Pixel configuration SMD2020
Pixel pitch 2.5mm
Pixel martrix per panel 96×48 pixels
Pixel density 160 000pixels/sq.m
Module Dimensions 320x160mm
Panel material  iron
Panel weight none
Module weight 0.35kg/module
Electronic parameter Color grayscale 14bit
Gray Scale per Color 8192 level
Refresh rate 3840Hz
Driving Type 1/32 scan
Signal Transmission Distance CAT5 cable:<100 m;Single mode fiber:<10 km
Optical parameter Brightness 700nits
Optimal Horizontal Viewing Angle 160 degree
Optimal Vertical Viewing Angle 160 degree
Electrical parameter AC inout voltage 110-220V± 10%
AC Input Frequency 50 or 60Hz
AC Input Power Max Value 800W/sq.m
AC Input Power Ave Value 400W/sq.m
CircumstanceParameter Storage Temperature -20 to 55 C
Working Temperature 0 to 45 C
 IP rating  IP31
Storage Humidity (RH) 10%~90% non -condensing
Working humidity (RH) 10%~95% non -condensing
Lifetime Typical Value 100000hrs on half brightness
Installation Type Panel installation type Fix/Rental

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