Creative Display

Sprite Of Led Display

Creative Display

Creative display offers a more engaging and innovative way to advertise the business and attract people. Customized based on the clients basic inquiry, this category contains variety of shapes including cube, cylinder, circle, letter, poster and so on. The flexible modules offer more possibilities for housing option in some of the products of this series.

The creative display arange of customizable designs that can elevate your visual displays to the next level and captivate your audience with various shapes such as letters, sphericals, circles, cubes, posters, double-sided screens & etc.

Our Products for Creative Display


OC-SP series

OC-SP series products are spherical screens. Spherical display breaks the limitation of flat display and can present content in three dimensions/multiple angles.


OC-CB series

OC-CB series products are the extension of cube in the field of led display. The same or different content can be displayed on one or more sides. 3D content can also be displayed.


OC-LT series

OC-LT series products are a large collection of LED letter LOGO displays. Any creatively designed logo can be presented with LED display.


OC-CC series

OC-CC series products are a collection of circular displays, breaking the limitation of only square displays on the market. A circular display is more suitable for some kind of creative design.


OC-PS series

OC-PS series products are bar advertising posters. This kind of advertising poster can be displayed alone, or can be spliced together to form an all-in-one giant LED panel with a larger display size.


OC-LJ series

OC-LJ series products are characterized by double-sided display, die-cast aluminum cabinet, ultra-thin and ultra-clear.